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The Law of Attraction and How it Can Change Your Life



It’s 3:30 a.m. here in New Jersey, just got done with my presentation slides for tomorrow’s meeting and I am still wide awake!

So I thought of writing and share my simple understanding of the Law of Attraction and how it can change anyone’s ###.

It shall begin with questions like -What exactly do you want in your life?… what kind of business do you want to have? what kind of a house do you want to live in? what kind of relationship do you want to have?

You have to know what you want! Clarity is power! The Law of Attraction does really work!

People got different views and opinions about Law of Attraction and each one of them sees this on different perspectives. Law of Attraction simply means “like attracts like’’ and this focuses on either negative or positive thoughts and individuals can bring either negative or positive results. The truth is, the attraction is based upon an idea that individuals and their thoughts are made from intense and pure energy. It says, “we become what we think about”.

Just like other things in this world, Law of Attraction can be easy or complicated and it all depends on you. If you have the desire to explore other aspects and areas, you need to have a clearer and better understanding about the basics in order for you to deal with this easily. Failure to do so will leave you confused about what Law of Attraction is really all about.

To make things simple, Law of Attraction is viewed as the ability of attracting to your life whatever it is that you desire (people, events, things and money). Regardless of nationality, age or belief, individuals are believed to be susceptible to this law that governs the entire universe.

This law of attraction utilizes the power of your mind and translating whatever it is that is in your thoughts and materializing them to reality. Basically, Law of Attraction states a principle that thoughts can be turned into real things.

This is probably what makes the universe a beautiful place. The Law of Attraction is responsible of dictating that anything that can be widely thought about and can be held in mind’s eye is provided to individuals directly from the universe. So you will come to a realization that this law opens endless possibilities in this world, as long as you sustain that good feeling and a good emotion.

It is really about having the good feeling, get aligned to the universe … and the more you will attract positive people in your life. That’s the Law of Attraction!”

law of attraction

Some of the basics of Law of Attraction for you to gain clearer understanding are as follows:

• It attracts things that you think about most.
• Clarity is Powerful … you need to know what exactly that you want!
• Being grateful takes a big and vital part, of course you know what is the “attitude of gratitude” – practice that!

So How Do We Apply the Law of Attraction in our life?

One big secret in life is that there are several individuals who are not really aware about the impact of this law of attraction in their daily life. Whether they are doing and manifesting this unknowingly or knowingly, every moment of individual existence are spend on living like human magnets that send out emotions and thoughts and attracting them back. Individuals tend to attract back more than what they have exerted or putted out straight from universe.

Unfortunately, there are still some who doesn’t believe in it. They cannot visualize the explosive potential that remains unlock within them. It is never easy to leave emotions and thoughts unchecked and send the wrong signals in the universe. This will just yield to attracting more unpleasant events and unwanted emotions in your life.

Discovering and incorporating the Law of Attraction really works. However, there should always be a great and most meaningful cause. Once the power of attraction has been unveiled to you and once you have learned to use this on deep purpose and applied this to your life, your future is all yours to create.

Always start your day by being GRATEFUL .. be thankful for what you have right now. So go ahead and always be grateful… such a powerful daily practice.. the law of attraction really works!


law of attraction

Gratitude is the ultimate way of bringing more in our life!

Just Believe. ACT as if. Live like you already have it. It’s already coming. It will manifest. And it’s Done.

Connect with me via my Blog. I am bent to bring more value to the marketplace!


To your Massive Success!

law of attraction

Author: Ms. Pinky Maniri

Ms. Pinky as she is fondly called by friends and family is a passionate Entrepreneur, Medical Practice Consultant, Computer Engineer, Blogger, Super Mom of 3 kiddos, Network and Affiliate Marketer and a Business Coach. She had her own fair share with life's struggles, pain and disappointments. Little did she know that by leading with value she would be able to build online businesses. All she does are unselfishly sharing her ideas and her professional expertise to people who wants to make money by leveraging the internet and social media technology. She is a true-believer that it is our Birthright to be Abundant and Prosperous!

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