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Testimonials and Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, everyone just love Ms. Pinky!

What Should You Be Looking for Before You Join a MLM and Network Marketing Company
These are Small Business Owners and Highly Motivated Entrepreneurs who had attended my LIVE Training on Social Media Marketing.

“Ms. Pinky is an EXPERT in Social Media!” ~ Anthonia, Nurse Entrepreneur

“I have learned a lot from Pinky Maniri and am now crushing it with $9500 profit online in the last 12 days. Thanks for all your help Ms Pinky!” ~ Ed Newman, Internet Online Business Owner

“I give Ms. Pinky very high marks for being a Social Media Expert!” ~ Stephen A. Gravatt, Attorney

“Excellent LinkedIn class. I think she is also one of the best consultants on how to RANK website and blog on Google with her knowledge and skills on SEO “ ~ Cardwell Thaxton

“Just ask and you’ll not only get the answer but a plan of action as well. The training was amazing! My head is still spinning from all the information that Ms. Pinky taught us… non-stop, all day! I learned more in few hours than in years! Thanks so much for such a great event! ~ Cheryl Auditor, Small Business Owner

” The class was awesome! I had too many “aha” moments. Ms Pinky, you are very good at what you do.” ~ Anna Monsato, Network Marketer!

“Pinky is Excellent! … worth every minute!” ~ Anant Goel, Entertainment Entrepreneur

“It was very interactive. Pinky shares her knowledge freely and does not withhold information about her “secret sauce.” ~ Saumya Ganguly, Small Business Consultant

“Pinky is an amazing speaker and knows exactly how to motivate you. I love that she is positive and she is sharing with us all of her tools. I love everything she stands for, and how much she loves to help people. She definitely has a loyal student here ready to learn the most she can from her.” ~ Jessica Marie Cruz, Social Media Manager for Mr. Fresh Laundry, Edison

“Actionable tips you can take to the bank! Thank you so much, Pinky!” ~ Tom Chuong, SEO Manager at CITI

“One word is enough to explain everything about Pinky..she is EXCELLENT!!! ~ Luis Gonzalez, Small Business Owner

“Received so much help! Ms Pinky is very thorough.” ~ Wanda Perez, Small Business Owner

Fantastic! Excellent and valuable strategies and tools that one can use immediately to increase business leads and expand visibility. ~ Diane Hasili, Entrepreneur
“Ms. Pinky is awesome! Her knowledge of Facebook marketing and energy is great!” ~ Edgar Miller, Network Marketer


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