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Single Mom and Single Dad Looking for Extra Money using the Internet

Being a single mom is tough especially when you are also financially distressed and financially hard up. And we tend to consider in filing bankruptcy just to ease the pain. But do you know how embarrassing would that be for you? Believe me, I have been there. I did think about it few years back. But thank God I found my way.

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But see, what I want to share to you is that…. there are ways to prevent this from happening. But you need to take action NOW. Filing for bankruptcy is really not an option here.

Use and leverage the power of the internet! – Single Mom and Single Dad Looking for Extra Money using the Internet

1. Become an affiliate marketer!

Here are just among the affiliate marketing network sites that I know are the best ones!
1. ClickBank
2. Commission Junction
3. LinkShare
4. Amazon Affiliates
… and a lot more!

2. Become an online seller with minimum to zero capital!

Have you heard of dropshipping? There are companies that allows you to sell their products and they ship it for you directly to your customer!

Get the idea here??.. you are selling products that you don’t own! This eliminates product inventory! isn’t it? Then, you can …

1. Sell on Ebay
2. Sell on Amazon
3. Sell on many more marketplaces!

Again, Filing for Bankruptcy is not an option for you!.. not at all!

3. Become an online freelancer! I can imagine you talents and skills that you can work at home as freelancer.

Are you an accountant? a medical coder? programmer? HR recruiter? Dietician?… whatever that you can do! find work online! I have been hiring freelancers (virtual assistants, writers, etc) myself since 2006 and been outsourcing many of my work! I am just a very busy person that i had no choice but to hire freelancers. And I found many of my freelancers here:
1. oDesk
2. Get a Freelancer
3. eLance
4. Guru

4. Join and be a part of the most loved Multi-level marketing (MLM) business out there! Oh yeah! there are so many lucractive-legitimate MLM business out there! Some may cost you money but some may not even cost you a dime!

Good luck and wishing you easing that pain of financial distress.

In God’s Time as long as you have that mindset and faith, things will get better. Just be pro active and don’t stop believing in yourself.

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Author: Ms. Pinky Maniri

Ms. Pinky as she is fondly called by friends and family is a passionate Entrepreneur, Medical Practice Consultant, Computer Engineer, Blogger, Super Mom of 3 kiddos, Network and Affiliate Marketer and a Business Coach. She had her own fair share with life's struggles, pain and disappointments. Little did she know that by leading with value she would be able to build online businesses. All she does are unselfishly sharing her ideas and her professional expertise to people who wants to make money by leveraging the internet and social media technology. She is a true-believer that it is our Birthright to be Abundant and Prosperous!

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