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Shaklee Reviews – Can you Really Make Money?

### Reviews Can You Make Money

with Shaklee Business Opportunity and its Products?

Shaklee Reviews Can You Make Money

Shaklee Reviews – The History Behind this Great Company.

Shaklee has been transforming lives and creating smiles since 1956. “Creating Healthier Lives”, at Shaklee they believe that small steps lead to big results – that being called as the Shaklee Effect. Shaklee products and services have been universally approved, accepted and recommended by one and all to create a healthy and a wealthy world. The authenticity of the products is clearly depicted by their success stories and the fact that they come with a 100% money back guarantee so there is nothing to worry about. Shaklee not only provides its products but also another way to earn money way beyond what one can imagine to do online in a relaxing, flexible and convenient manner. It has been involved several projects such as improving the condition of dolphins, safeguarding whales and also encouraging a greener planet. It was the first company to totally offset its carbon dioxide emission levels having zero impact on the environment whatsoever. In 2004, Shaklee completed its project of planting a hundred trees.
The Shaklee group was founded in 1950 and is currently led by Roger Barnet, Chairman and Chief Executing Officer with Dan Rajczak, Bradford Richardson and Tadashi Saito as Presidents. They are also supported by Mike Batesole, Jennifer Steves-Kiss, Jon Fieldman, Ken Harris, Todd Tucker, Justin Rose, Dr. Bruce Daggy and Dr. Jamie McManus.

Shaklee Reviews Can You Make Money


 Shaklee Reviews Can You Make Money? – The Products.

Shaklee products have made a mark in the global scenario for almost 60 years now and have been approved my various eminent personalities. Athletes like Eli Bremer, Kacey Bellamy, Magan Bozek and Chris Creveling are full of praises for Shaklee and its products. Shaklee powered athletes have made a mark, grabbing over 120 medals at summer and winter games. Shaklee products help have a healthy figure. Some products like Shaklee 180 Metabolic Boost enhance body metabolism and burn down your calories. Certain Shaklee eatables like Shaklee 180 Meal-in-a-bar are wonderful that help satisfy your hunger without taking a toll on your weight. Shaklee is highly recommended universally for its nutrition products. These products have varied application that can work wonders when it comes to aging, protein deficiency, providing antioxidants, bone, heart or digestive tonics, provide immune support, energy, stress relief or to control blood sugar and joint pain. Shaklee keeps in mind that different people have different requirements. It has separate products for adults and children.

Shaklee Reviews Can you Make MoneyShaklee Reviews Can you Make Money? – The Business Opportunity

Shaklee provides exclusive offers for people who sign up. If you wish to sign up as a customer, Shaklee gives you 15% of on all Shaklee products exclusively for yourself. Apart from this, you get special offers or promotions whenever they are available and you also save 10% on Auto Ship. If you wish to join Shaklee with its Business Opportunity then you have a whole new horizon of options in your hands. Being a Shaklee distributor is relaxing, flexible and easy going because it’s non-tedious and you can work from your home. If you strike gold, you can earn up to a whopping $100,000 in the first 15 months. There is no binding when it comes to tying up with Shaklee’s income opportunity. You have total power over your work duration, taking holidays and spending time with your family. This is why it is so unique and special. If this was not enough, Shaklee also gives its Independent Distributors occasional bonuses depending on your work with Shaklee. This could include a car or paid trips to various destinations across the globe. Several people have actually taken up Shaklee as their primary job and are extremely satisfied with their results.
To be a part of the Shaklee Business Opportunity program, you must believe in yourself because with dedication you can make a fortune over here. After the basic sign up you get to be the Shaklee Independent Distributor. To begin with you chose one of the two packages, Gold Premier Package worth $299 that gives you 250points and Gold Ambassador Package worth $500 that gives you 500PV. Both provide a host of benefits like Training System, Personal Website System, Product and Marketing Material. The basic difference is the points. Now every time a person buys a product from you, you get 250/500PV (points). The more points you get, the more you earn. It’s good to chose the Gold Ambassador Package because it helps you multiply your business two times faster.

Shaklee Reviews Can you Make Money
Shaklee empowers people to its fullest. It also throws open its vacancies and invites deserving applicants to work with Shaklee. These may include being a Scientist, an IT Manager, a Marketing Analyst and several others. Shaklee also acknowledges new horizons of improvement and discovery. Research Grants are provided by it to deserving applicants. Research on any of its nutritive products is open to applicants of U.S., Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia. Depending on the authenticity, novelty and financial requirements of the research, Shaklee would consider your research proposal and the award you may be given thereafter.

Shaklee Reviews Can you Make Money? – The Compensation Plan
So how good is the compensation plan of Shaklee? Well, it’s the best and one of the best distributor friendly plans that began in 2010. Suppose you begin with the Gold Ambassador Package and you get 500PV for every sale. Now if you invite at least 3 other people to Shaklee and they also join the same Package, you will be making a minimum of 2000PV and you become a Director and get a Trip to Global HQ and you earn $880 for introducing them and your average income for being a director is 10000$. If one of your clients becomes a Director, you become a senior director and maintain it for 3 months and get a 1000$ bonus, expenses for your car and earn around $14000. Help another one and become a Coordinator. Maintain it for 3 months and earn an all expenses paid vacation along with a 3000$ bonus, and earn around $21000 thanks to your increasing PV (points). Increase it to 10000points and keep it for 3months and earn $39000 with a bonus of $5000. Help another be a Director and maintain for 3 months and earn become an Executive earning 56000$. Hold it for 3 more months and get a paid trip to Bora in the Pacific which is magical and further get a whopping $25000. Adding all these you earn $100,000 and you can get here in 15months! If that was not enough, every time someone you helped earns a certain amount, you get 50% of the same. So if a person earned $10000 you earn $5000. Shaklee till date has given approximately 5 billion dollars of commission!

Shaklee Reviews Can You Make Money
You will be guided and trained and will have a personal website of your to help you market your product. You must mix the right way to go about your marketing and can also take help from Shaklee officials or existing Distributors to get a knack of the method.
Floating rumors are always one of the issues that one must be prepared to face. However Shaklee customers know the magic of its products and that you should hinder you from achieving your goal. Another problem is the growing market and awareness of the product where it’s not easy to get your product noticed. Begin with your acquaintances, use the social media popularize your website in order to get to the top, and of course, Shaklee’s reputation should see you through with ease.

Shaklee Reviews Can you Make Money with Shaklee? – that is the question!

My honest answer is YES – only if (sorry there is always an “if”) you can generate the most targeted leads. People are looking for opportunity, there are gazillion of them out there! Your main problem here is this – you need to have people to talk to about your Shaklee business. Because the truth is, your dilemma would be “lack of targeted leads.”. You need to have enough people to talk to. Chasing your friends and family can not sustain your goal of going big in this business. You need to have a lot of targeted prospects, otherwise – it will be difficult for you to grow this business.

Here’s another worse dilemma – “sustaining your business” because of lack of cash flow. Of course, if you don’t have enough cash flow, it be so hard to sustain your Shaklee home business. You might look for buying mlm leads (of which  I can honestly say, I will not recommend) or spend money for advertisig.

So on this Shaklee Reviews Can you Make Money with Shaklee Business article that I wrote for you – I would also like to share to you that MLM Lead Generation is honestly a SKILL. And you need to learn than skill and develop. It is not something that we are born with that skill on how to awesomely generate leads.

The Truth is …


People doesn’t like being sold. We love to buy stuff but we don’t like being sold, isn’t it?


The good news is, there are so many ways to generate targeted leads! alone is a big platform that you can leverage from! Look at the figure below. You can never go wrong with Facebook. But you need to learn how to generate leads from Facebook. Not just from Facebook, you have , +, and a lot more social media marketing platform.

Shaklee Reviews Can you Make Money

Here’s a FREE VIDEO training on How to Sponsor More Reps into your Shaklee Home Business – Click the Image and enjoy the Video!
Shaklee Reviews Can you Make Money

Shaklee Reviews


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