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Juice Plus Review | Can you Make Money with Juice Plus

Can you make money with this company? – Juice Plus Review

 Juice Plus Review

Why you need Juice Plus?

Nowadays, people need more money to support their families or just to build their own business .Juice plus give them the chance to be creative in working freely and independently. Not to mention the many health benefits of its products. Honestly, I love their products!

Company Review – what is Juice Plus?

This private company, which is located in Collierville, Tennessee is famous by the quality of its products well known all around the world. Brief, It was founded in 1970 by current president Jay Martin his first leader. Today, The Juice Plus is a nutrition based company, having concentrates of juice powder from 25 different grains, vegetables and fruits. Be sure that you can get 100 % natural nutrition in order to keep and protect your health.

Juice plus’s Business Opportunity

You should understand that the model of Juice Plus is a Franchise Model where one tries to sell as much product as possible; the published Compensation Plan in Juice Plus utilizes a level team design which encourages distributors to create a successful top line, participating in recruiting, and investing in their referrals in order to increase the earned commissions.

Individual business owners in Juice Plus get three different forms of compensation according to their own activity in addition to the activity of their referrals as well as to the ability to get a benefits package for getting a regular employment.

The key to succeed in Juice Plus is to be consistent in your marketing efforts, which means to consistently continue talking to a few people every day. To encourage this activity during your first 60 days in the business, Juice Plus offers a special “Fast Track” program.

– First you become a Preferred Customer
– Next, you generate 20 Juice Plus customers during your first 60 days in the business (approx. 2-3 customers per week).

With Fast Track you can earn 14% commission level, in addition to your retail profit. This raises your profits to almost $34.00 a carton (the 20 USD retail profits plus approximately $14 in commissions) it is true that you earn a retail profit of 20 USD for each referral Customer and another 20 USD for every purchase made. Juice Plus does the physical work of charging your client, shipping items, getting funds and releasing funds to you monthly.

Your retail profit is automatically paid to your Wellness Coordinator with your first order. The important thing is to stay in contact with your customer during their first 100 days on Juice Plus. And of the retail profits remain with you. At this point, the Wellness Coordinator remains focused on the new customers you continue to send his or her way. As you continue to add new Juice Plus customers, you automatically qualify to earn commissions along with your retail profit.

Can you really make Money with this Business Opportunity? Juice Plus Review

To Join the Business Opportunity, you have to remember Commissions are based on how much business you accumulate over time. You create the business and get commissions directly. Juice Plus tracks your business activity and calculate your commissions automatically .When you earn a commission, you stay there, and you don’t need to qualify again for this commission level.

In case you are one of the happy clients that never stop raving about the offered opportunities, you would consider being a product distributor to share your passion. Representatives of Juice Plus come from diverse professional backgrounds and are represented in more than 20 countries. This particular opportunity is appealing for individuals who do not have a lot start-up capital to invest because only a $50 application fee is required to get started, and ongoing training and support are provided to you as you grow and maintain your business. You can become a distributor by following a few simple steps.

How can I join to start earning money?  Juice Plus Review

Become a Juice Plus+ Preferred Customer, if you are not one already, by signing up at the website juiceplus.com. This will give you first-hand knowledge of the quality and variety of products the company has to offer.

Inform your Juice Plus+ representative that you are interested in becoming a distributor. He will provide detailed information on the benefits of the company, answer any questions you may have about the business opportunity and can submit your application and processing fee of $50. You can also contact Juice Plus+ directly from its website at juiceplusvirtualfranchise.com by submitting an inquiry under the “Contact Us” section.

What is the Marketing Support and Training Provided by the Company? Juice Plus Review

Complete the required training materials and plan to attend on-site training sessions in your area to gain valuable product knowledge and business insight. These resources are provided to contribute to the success of Juice Plus+ distributors. Upon completion of all administrative requirements, you will receive a Juice Plus+ distributor account.

The Juice Plus+ Professional Support Program allows busy doctors and other health professionals to share Juice Plus+ with their patients or clients while another person handles customer follow-up.

For families looking to stay healthy, we provide Juice Plus+ free to children ages 4-18 and college students through our Children’s Health Study, as long as their parents agree to begin taking Juice Plus+ as well.

Those who invest in their business using emotions and not minds or getting indebted to the idea of their business success usually buy expensive leads, which send scam messages, targeting social websites by harmful pop up advertisements, and always resorting to annoying and ineffective marketing campaigns. The outcomes are bad as they not only fail to make income, but also don’t help the owner to make a future success.

Juice Plus distributors always research to get targeted clients that are interested in the product line of Juice plus and the business opportunities offered in Juice plus programs. They don’t know where to find the right people, how to contact them, or how to ensure that the contact is meaningful enough to have a lasting impact on their business.

Many independent business owners simply don’t have a substantial list of leads, and they have no sustainable way to get leads that will actually be attracted to their business. Juice Plus’s Training teaches distributors that they need to access their why and then share their excitement with everyone they come in contact with, give them an information CD or invite them to a conference call, and follow up. They claim that by having a strong sense of why you are involved in the business, and continuing to repeat the small activities that build a business you will eventually build a full-time professional franchise by working alongside your , rather than by allowing it to consume your life.

Actually, you would grow slowly if you set your business to grow in this way, and will not make enough revenues for you to overcome the high dropout rate. Successful business owners in Juice Plus usually search about new methods to reach to a large amount of audience to get more meaningful and faster growth.

Get advice and training from your corporate support team and other Juice Plus+ team members.

First step: Call or email our dedicated Business Support team to get answers to your questions.

Second step: Attend one of our Leadership Conferences or a nearby weekend training session.

Third step: Build your own Juice Plus+ team and be assigned a dedicated personal Business Partner who will coach you and help you set goals to reach the next level.

Since the retail profit is so low, making money from Juice Plus can only really be done by referring new distributors. There are several bonuses given to distributors who can achieve a large down line but for the most part, distributors of Juice plus make very little money.

What Might be your Biggest Challenge to Grow this Business? Juice Plus Review

Generating leads, gaining customer based and building a downline is the biggest challenge. People who turn the Juice Plus opportunity to a personal success, will get mastermind or mentor partners that are able and ready to help them improving their skills set and market their business using strategies completely different than the default approaches.

The growing season is upon us, and you are in the right place at the right time with the right product. In this training, learn how incorporating Tower Gardens can help grow your business; All of this, while presenting a product that addresses and overcomes some of the biggest challenges to farming and gardening.

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Juice Plus Review



juice plus review

juice plus review

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