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Interview with the Inventor of Oria’s O’Shay Products

Another interview with an Inventor and good friend, Maria! The inventor of “SILENCE” fragrance products! Please let’s support Maria! you can buy her products here


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Ms. Pinky as she is fondly called by friends and family is a passionate Entrepreneur, Medical Practice Consultant, Computer Engineer, Blogger, Super Mom of 3 kiddos, Network and Affiliate Marketer and a Business Coach. She had her own fair share with life's struggles, pain and disappointments. Little did she know that by leading with value she would be able to build online businesses. All she does are unselfishly sharing her ideas and her professional expertise to people who wants to make money by leveraging the internet and social media technology. She is a true-believer that it is our Birthright to be Abundant and Prosperous!

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