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Facebook Addiction Symptoms and What Are They?

Facebook Addiction Symptoms

Is there really such Facebook Addiction symptoms?

How does it feel having a Facebook Addiction Symptoms?

Let’s define what addiction means, this should be like a “behavioral addiction”


Source: Wikipedia


I have learned from my Psychiatric Nursing clinical rounds that behavioral addiction can be controlled and managed. What is really is addictive behavior? Based on the definition above, I came up with 7 keys that you might have the Facebook Addiction Symptoms. I am wondering how many of you out there could be potentially a good candidate for having these Facebook Addiction Symptoms.

Facebook as we know is a social networking platform used by millions of people around the world. Very popular not just to the young ones but also to mature adults and company brands.

Interesting Facebook Monthly Statistics

1.12 Trillion “Likes”
140.3 Billion Friend Connections
265 Billion Photos in their servers
Every 20 minutes 1 Million Links are being shared



Source: http://newsroom.fb.com/company-info/


But why Facebook is so addicting?, oh I know the! because we love to keep ourselves up to date with what’s happening on Facebook, isn’t it?

7 Facebook Addiction Symptoms

Let’s see if you have the Facebook Addiction Symptoms

1. Checking Status Updates Upon Waking Up is one Facebook Addiction Symptoms

Have you even mouth-gargled? I mean, seriously?  – the first thing that you do is check your Facebook  upon waking up from your sleep and that’s 7 days a week! That’s number 1 on your Facebook Addiction Symptoms list.

2. Putting Aside What’s Important

I know some of you are guilty of this. Have you experienced this? Say, you have a project or a task that needs to be completed that afternoon, but you put it aside because either you are spending too much time checking all your friends updates or you are chatting with multiple people on Facebook or your enjoying looking at photos. So think again, facebook addiction symptoms?

3. Checking Status Updates Several Times a Day – oh no!

Another Facebook Addiction Symptoms? – Ask yourself, how many times did you go on your Facebook account while at work. Busy looking at friends’ status updates, pictures and chatting with people? I bet you, you can not count how many times you got on Facebook, isn’t it? Because it’s countless!

4. Accepting and Adding too Many Friends

Are you experiencing that constant desire of adding more and more friends who are not even directly connected to you? I mean, I have more than 7000 followers on my Facebook fanpage but they are not all my friends. My persona account are my real  friends or they are directly connected to me because of the same work or business interest that we have. I asked them to connect with me if they need help for networking – definitely.

5. Deprivation for “Real Life” and “Real Time” Socializing

How many times did you refuse going out with your friends because you are online? You have to understand that “lost time is always a lost time”. Can not recover lost time. Think about that – is it not likely a facebook addiction symptoms?

6. Over Sharing and Tagging People

How many times in a day do you share your location, photos, videos and status updates? Do you realize how many times in the Facebook world that you shared where you’re at? at a coffee shop, in a meeting, shopping mall, movies. Again, I bet you, you can’t count it how many times you shared in one day! And how many times and how many people do you tag on those updates?

7. Constantly Updating Profile Status Updates

Facebook Addiction Symptoms

This one should be on top of this list for Facebook Addiction Symptoms. I am just amazed how people can constantly update their profile status several times, many times a day! How they feel, how they love the food they are eating, putting up real time food photos, lover fights, emotions.  And constantly following how many likes and comments did that post get. But I mean, really. Don’t you think you need to reserve a little bit for your personal privacy? There are things that we don’t need to tell the world especially on social media.

Here’s a no-brainer remedy to kill that Facebook Addiction Symptoms of yours

Live in the real world. Get out and play. Have fun. Enjoy your life with your friends and family outside the virtual world. Plan your day. Take a break, plan to “unhook”, “unwire” and “disconnect” from your virtual world especially Facebook for a few hours a day. Focus on the things that you need to do. Read a book or listen to your favorite music. Gotta’ do it!

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Author: Ms. Pinky Maniri

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