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7 Prosperity Tips to Increase Your Wealth in 2017

7 Prosperity Tips to Increase Your Wealth in 2017

In less than 2 months, we are in 2017! And I am excited … looking forward to a New Year 2017 for New hopes and Bigger dreams for each one of us. I am sharing these 7 prosperity tips that I hope can help increase your wealth in 2017.

How Excited are you for 2017?

1. Keep the Idea that Wealth is a Mindset

Wealth is not just having tons of cash, big houses, luxury cars or big business. You can be wealthy but sick, that’s not wealth. You can have a lot of money, but you live alone, that’s not wealth either. Wealth is having inner peace, happiness and joy. Work on your happiness first before you focus on money. Help other people by providing them value. Solution to their problems. Isn’t it that when we have the inner peace and happiness, good things just come our way? We open our door for new opportunities. We receive opportunities as they arrive and we take action to the fullest of our abilities.

“It is in Giving that we Receive” ~ Quotes St. Francis of Assisi

2. Keep the Attitude of Gratitude

Whatever you have right now, be grateful. For it is in appreciation and gratitude that we can bring more in our life. Many scholars and leaders believe that wealth can come easy to those who are grateful. I have learned from my 3 decades of reading that there is one common thing the leaders and self-made millionaires have – they all keep an “Attitude of Gratitude”. So upon waking up in the morning, saying our gratitude prayer is such a powerful exercise. Say your top 3 things that you are truly grateful for everyday, do it. It will change your life.

3. Keep Positive Thoughts

It is true that we are what we think. For whatever we think, we bring about. So instead of focusing on what we do not have or don’t have yet. Focus on the blessings and the things that you have right now. Put action on your goals. If we want change, we have to change. Stay positive in any thing that you do. Attract the good stuff with your powerful positive thoughts. Nothing can beat positive thoughts!

4. Practice the Power of Visualization

Keep images and pictures of the things you want in your life. Big house, college fund, nice car, profitable business – whatever it is that you want in your life, keep it in your mind and visualize it every day. Feel it. Stay in that state as if its already there, you already have it. Be obsessed with your dreams. Create a vision board for those images are powerful motivators to keep you excited to work harder harder, doing massive actions to make it happen for you and for all that matters to you.

5. Identify What Matters to You Most

What are your “whys”? Who are the most important people in your life? What truly brings you pleasure and happiness? What are the things that you are passionate about? What are the things that you can not live without? What are you working so hard for? If you do this and know your whys, you will always feel excited and alive. My children are my whys. I will do anything for them to reach their dreams.

6. Set Financial Goals

Allow yourself to make more money. Focus on abundance, believe and feel that you deserve it. Don’t sabotage yourself. Be wise and smart in managing your finances. Invest your money wisely. Save for your retirement. Set aside college funds. Be mindful on hidden fees. Review your bank statements, telephone, utility and all related bills – you will be surprised! If you add them up, that’s still money you are losing! Plan on how to change your finances and take action today.

7. Stay Focused

Always be Motivated, Excited and Alive. Just show up and hustle every day!

If this article have inspired you, please share it to your friends. Wishing you all Prosperity, Abundance, Happiness and Love for the coming year!

Author: Ms. Pinky Maniri

Ms. Pinky as she is fondly called by friends and family is a passionate Entrepreneur, Medical Practice Consultant, Computer Engineer, Blogger, Super Mom of 3 kiddos, Network and Affiliate Marketer and a Business Coach. She had her own fair share with life's struggles, pain and disappointments. Little did she know that by leading with value she would be able to build online businesses. All she does are unselfishly sharing her ideas and her professional expertise to people who wants to make money by leveraging the internet and social media technology. She is a true-believer that it is our Birthright to be Abundant and Prosperous!

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