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7 Common Time Management Mistakes



Distraction is one of the most common time management mistakes, when you don’t place focus on a particular task, you might end up in wasting a lot of time on that, you state of mind must work effectively with what you are doing, extra time would be added to the time you suppose to spend on accomplishing when you are distracted. you must learn how to work without your phone and social media causes lots of distraction, particularly when you are working on pc.


            Doing more than one thing at a time will certainly waste your time, reason been the fact that you will not be able to perform very well in the multiple things you intended to do, you will easily lose concentration as you are changing from one work to the other. The best thing is to select a single task at a time; this will give you the best result and also minimize the time spent on it.


Set up your goals first before any other thing. If you don’t have clear goals and well-defined objectives, odds are that your work lacks direction and purpose. When you have goals, you know how to work hard and to achieve those goals. But when you just go from day to day doing whatever comes your way, you end up with poor results or no results at all.


Procrastination occur when you decide to skip or put off the task you suppose to accomplish in a moment to another time, is an act of laziness, when you delay or postpone a task it will eventually end up slamming together with something at the last minute and this increase the time you suppose to spend on it and will also reduce the quality of what of you are doing at that moment because you will surely in hurry to finish it on time.


Most people want to work for many hours non-stop in order to meet up with the required time they need to spend on a task. However this is a great mistake because you will get a stage whereby your brain will not process what you want to do again because you need to rest and relax, when you refuse to rest at that moment, your processing speed will very low and you will spend a lot of time on it cracking your brain.


Not planning at enough is ridiculous; planning reduces the time you will spend in accomplishing a task because you will follow the logical flow of what you have planned, not like planning when you are executing your goals.


Failing to keep a written to-do list is the major time management mistake that people make.  With everything you have to do on daily you can’t afford to rely on it.  Write things down.  It’s as easy as that.


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